A World of Difference

DI strives to offer an environment that provides professional challenges, encourages innovation and promotes workplace safety. Providing a culture that allows employees to focus on doing their best work contributes to our reputation for exceptional customer service and operational excellence.

InlineImage-CultureOur Culture

We are committed to building a culture of excellence through reliability and responsiveness, and our people are the foundation of it all. Our employees understand the little things loom larger on a global scale, and that people matter over products. We support our people with the tools, training and knowledge they need to achieve great things every day.

We start our day with a hot cup of “You got it.”

For us, “first thing in the morning” doesn’t mean, “as soon as it’s convenient.” We take pride in making the earliest delivery run in the morning, the last one at night and as many as it takes throughout the day — with a smile on our face. Then, we do it all over again.

We speak 85 dialects of service.

Though DI customers operate all over the world, we work every day to make Excellence Delivered universal. We believe in making communication a two-way street between the organization and all employees, and in achieving a balanced culture. While we take pride in the culture we have created, we always welcome feedback to improve upon DI’s ever-evolving organization.

We go the extra mile. And the one after that.

There’s no substitute for hard work. We don’t hesitate to open our warehouses, day or night, to get what absolutely has to be there where it needs to be, and on time. We bend over backwards help each other, and continually strengthen relationships among teammates and clients.

We know how to know-how.

When customers come to us with a question, we’re always there with an answer, or else we’ll stop at nothing to find it. DI futhers our company-wide knowledge base through training to foster growth within specific skill sets, leadership, operational development and safety standards.