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Galvanized Supports

  • Manufacturer: Buckaroos
  • Brand: Buckaroos
  • DI Part #: GASU1821018
  • Manufacturer Part #: 121-18-18

Buckaroos Roundup Plus™ Pipe Saddle, Outside Diameter: 21 in, Gauge: 18, Material: Carbon Steel, Finish: Galvanized, Length: 18 in, Application: For Medium and Low Compressive Strength Pipe Insulations, Plumbing, Heating, Chilled Water and Refrigeration Piping, Temperature Rating: 0 to 210 deg F, Load Capacity: 80 lb

  • Application     
  • For Medium and Low Compressive Strength Pipe Insulations, Plumbing, Heating, Chilled Water and Refrigeration Piping
  • Finish     
  • Galvanized
  • Gauge     
  • 18
  • Item Name     
  • Pipe Saddle
  • Length     
  • 18 in
  • Load Capacity     
  • 80 lb
  • Material     
  • Carbon Steel
  • Outside Diameter     
  • 21 in
  • Sub Brand     
  • Roundup Plus
  • Temperature Rating     
  • 0 to 210 deg F

The Roundup Plus saddle is an innovative pipe insulation support and protective metal shield, formed to 180 deg arc, incorporating the peel and stick tape plus feature designed to secure the saddle to the pipe insulation's jacket. This saddle also features round corners for safety and a partial bottom rib that helps the saddle easily slide into place inside the clevis hanger.

  • No more cuts, scrapes or bruises while handling the Roundup Plus saddle, warehouse workers and insulation installers will love it
  • Flared outside edges protect the saddles insulation from cutting the pipe insulation jacketing and damaging the vapor retarder jacket
  • Very aggressive acrylic self-stick tape between the ribs to secure the saddle to the pipe insulation, helping to prevent the saddle from falling to the ground
  • This partial bottom rib speeds installation time versus a full 180 deg rib saddle and adds structure, also the partial rib eliminates side gaps that create a collection area for moisture, mold, mildew and water infiltration
  • By reducing the full 180 deg rib exposure, the Roundup Plus partial rib feature removes the speed bump effect allowing for an efficient install at the clevis hanger location
  • This provides easy saddle identification in the warehouse and on the jobsite
  • Easy-to-carry buckets offer space savings for maximum storage and snap on lids, the buckets protect the saddles in extreme weather conditions

Standards/Certifications: ASTM A653|ASTM E136