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  • Manufacturer: American Coatings
  • Brand: American Coatings
  • DI Part #: MASTEPA555BLA
  • Manufacturer Part #: EPA-55

American Coatings Asbestos Removal Agent, Size: 5 gal, Color: Blue, Container Type: Pail, Odor: Mild, Specific Gravity: 1.001, pH Rating: 8.5, Flash Point: 214 deg F, Boiling Point: 212 deg F, Melting Point: <32 deg F, Viscosity: 40 cPs

  • Boiling Point     
  • 212 deg F
  • Color     
  • Blue
  • Container Type     
  • Pail
  • Flash Point     
  • 214 deg F
  • Item Name     
  • Asbestos Removal Agent
  • Melting Point     
  • <32 deg F
  • Odor     
  • Mild
  • Size     
  • 5 gal
  • Specific Gravity     
  • 1.001
  • Viscosity     
  • 40 cPs
  • pH Rating     
  • 8.5

EPA-55 is a patented aqueous formulation which wets out absestos, including Amosite and keeps it wet for extended intervals. Its outstanding water retention feature minimizes the levels of airborne fibers generated during asbestos removal while eliminating costly and time consuming reapplications of treated surfaces.

  • Minimizes airborne fibers generated during asbestos removal providing a safer work area
  • Keep asbestos wet for long periods eliminating costly, time consuming reapplications
  • Significantly reduces labor costs for asbestos removal and post removal clean up
  • Treated surfaces stay moist and soft providing faster removal and cleaner underlying surface
  • Lower surface tension provides fast penetration and through saturation of treated substrates
  • Wets out dense cementitious insulations
  • Outstanding water retention lessens the risk of water damage in the work area