Our Commitment to Safety

Our employees will always be our biggest asset, and we are dedicated to protecting their health and providing a safe work environment. We strive to operate in full compliance with federal and local safety standards and provide additional training to meet our safety goals.

InlineImage-HealthandSafetySafety FOURward™

At DI, we practice Safety FOURward™ which consists of our Safety FOURmula™ core elements.

  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Mobile Safety (forklift operation)
  • LOTO (lockout-tagout)
  • Fall Protection (working at heights greater than four feet)

These elements are critical to employee safety and help to ensure risk management and accident prevention. Because safety starts at the top, policies are enforced through leadership and enhanced through training. Our employees participate in monthly training where they hone their skills in risk assessment, focus on hazards and accident prevention specific to our facilities, and share any concerns they may have regarding safety in the workplace. As a primary focus, we will always continue to emphasize safety as a core company value.