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Insulation Products

Complete supply of thermal and acoustical insulation for the industrial, commercial and HVAC markets. Pipe, board, block and blanket insulation, fittings, metal jacketing and related supplies.

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Abatement Supplies

Comprehensive selection of materials for the safe remediation of mold, lead and asbestos, including testing kits, containment systems, encapsulants and disposal supplies.

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Fire Protection Products

State-of-the-art service and supply for a wide range of firestopping applications and fire protection products, as well as technical, engineering and delivery support on all fire-rated assemblies.

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Refractory Products

Materials and custom fabrication for most high-temperature refractory applications. Includes Z-Blok modules, ceramic fiber, high-temperature blankets, insulating firebrick, refractory plastics and more.

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Tools & Equipment

Full range of industrial supplies, including janitorial, materials handling, lighting, electric power tools, hand tools, fire-retardant clothing and personal protective equipment.

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Fabrication Products

Application knowledge and custom-fabricated materials for a wide range of insulating requirements, such as aerogels, cellular glass, fiberglass, metal jacketing and accessories.

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Marine Products

Superior thermal and acoustical attenuation products for commercial, military and offshore vessels. U.S. Coast Guard–approved finishes on foil, mylar, lead and navy cloth.

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Safety & Contractor Supplies

Safety, spill control, first aid and personal protective equipment for workers in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas exploration, construction and manufacturing.

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Removable Pads

Design, specification, manufacture and installation of standard and custom-fitted removable insulation covers for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes.

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DI stocks the most recognizable brands of HVAC equipment, parts, and accessories for commercial and industrial needs in the industry.

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Building Insulation

Batts, Blown-In Insulation, Rigid Board, and more for residential and commercial applications.

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Metal Building Insulation

Laminated blanket, custom faced and unfaced insulation, liner, support systems, and accessories for metal building and various commercial construction.