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Distribution International delivers superior-quality insulation for use in extreme temperatures. Choose from Aspen Aerogels®or Armacell ArmaGel HT®. Aspen Aerogels® manufactures a diverse line of ASTM C1728–compliant insulation, including Cryogel (for cold work and cryogenic applications) and Pyrogel(for high-temperature use). Armacell produces ArmaGel HT® for high-temperature applications. Ask your local DI representative about using Aerogels in your application.


  • Superior Thermal Performance: Up to five times superior thermal performance, compared to like-for-like competing insulation products.
  • Ultra-thin and Ultra-light: Equal thermal performance at a fraction of the thickness. Available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 mm thicknesses. This allows you to reduce the stiffness of support structures when compared to the increased weight of competing products.
  • Space Saving: Because of the superior thermal performance at a fraction of the thickness, you can maximize the process infrastructure while minimizing footprint.
  • Damage Tolerant: Aerogels are soft and flexible and have excellent spring back. As a result, aerogels recover their thermal performance even after tool strikes, being stepped on, packaging and shipping. Therefore, they provide outstanding protection of your investment.
  • Temperature Range: From cryogenic temperatures to 1200° F (650° C), aerogels can handle the extremes.
  • Environmentally Safe & Friendly: Aerogels are chloride-free and landfill disposable.
  • Fabricated Products: Aerogel materials can be delivered in standard pipe cover, fittings, and tank heads in sizes to match your job requirements. DI can also custom fabricate to your specifications and needs. We utilize the latest in CNC technology to ensure that our products are fabricated to exact standards as we strive to have our products fit the first time, every time.
  • Reduced Labor Cost: Material cuts easily and can be draped over piping and other applications. DI fabricated products eliminate in-field fabrication time and cost and allow you to focus on installation.
  • Applications: High Temperature, LNG Plants, Power Generation, Energy, Industrial, Commercial, CUI Defense, Subsea, and Buildings.