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  • Reduce Labor and Improve Safety with Innovative Aerogel Fittings

  • As every installer knows, aerogel fittings can present installation challenges and require extended labor time. To overcome these challenges, the Distribution International fabrication team has developed a patent-pending solution: DI Fit Aerogel Fittings.
  • Pre-formed aerogel fittings are much simpler and safer to install, reducing risk  and the labor needed to install the product. This, coupled with the outstanding thermal efficiency of Aerogel and zero through-joints, makes DI Fit™ Aerogel Fittings an economic, safer, and superior thermal insulation solution for your job site.
  • Benefits of DI Fit™ Aerogel Fittings
  • • Substantially reduces installation labor
  • • Single piece construction
  • • Pre-formed to match the elbow
  • • Zero through-joints in a double layer application decreases temperatures and improves overall  performance
  • • Improves safety by reducing in-field fabrication and cutting
  • High Durability During Transport
  • Our experts subjected the fittings to extensive tests to determine potential shipping and handling damage.
  • The tests included smashing and folding the products. The products easily returned to their original elbow shape, and the integrity of the bonding material facing was confirmed.

Aerogel Fittings In Shipping Box


DI Fit™ Aerogel Fittings:

The pre-formed fittings are much simpler and safer to install, reducing risk and the labor needed to install the product on the job site. Multiple layered elbows are also available.