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For Residential & Commercial Construction

Insulation is an important part of building and construction projects, and Distribution International is ready to help you find the right material and tools for your project. From aerogel and fiberglass to calcium silicate and rubber, we have whatever you need for your next construction project. In addition to insulation, DI provides a wide selection of MRO and safety products for the construction industry.




Fiberglass is a high surface-area-to-weight ratio making it a lightweight, cost-effective, and practical option for industrial applications such as mechanical, HVAC, and metal building insulation. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality pipe, board, and blanket insulation, as well as duct wrap, board, and liner.

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Elastomeric and rubber insulation is designed for the HVAC and Refrigeration industries. This insulation is highly recommended for condensation control due to its excellent moisture vapor resistance and thermal conductivity. Applications include refrigerant lines, cold-water plumbing, and chilled-water systems. DI carries a wide array of elastomeric insulation products to fit all your project needs.

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Distribution International offers a wide variety of insulation tools and accessories to help make your job safer and easier. DI has access to brushes, calipers, cement, fasteners, toolkits, knives, staple guns, stripping tools, supports and saddles, and much more.

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