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We offer our incredible “DI 101” webinar series to our customers, associates, and manufacturing partners. By partnering with our manufacturers and industry experts, we will deliver informative presentations about industry trends, new technology, new products, and product applications. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in our industry from insulation experts.



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Contact Free Insulation Systems (Presented by Integrity Products)

Contact free insulation systems prevent wet insulation directly contacting the process pipe thus protecting against CUI. Distribution International manufacturing partner Integrity Products will present solutions and systems that you may find beneficial in your projects.

Design Considerations for Installing Chilled Water Insulation

Alec Cusick and Mackenzie Michalski with Owens Corning share the top considerations when insulating chilled water systems. FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass Insulation helps provide superior protection against moisture – a key risk factor in chilled water systems.

Strategic Solutions with Pyrogel & Cryogel that Drive Profitability

What if all the goals you are  responsible for could be accomplished by simply selecting the correct insulating solution? Timeliness, Safety, Efficiency, Performance, Stability, all ultimately resulting in Project Profitability. 

What's Next with Supply, Demand, and Inflation?

Global markets are being hit hard by supply chain challenges, inflation, and the recent conflict in Europe. 

Passive Fire Protection Systems

The processing and storage of flammable liquids and gases poses significant fire risk for facilities. Key fire safety objectives of industrial facilities include protection against temperature rise, maintaining structural integrity, allowing for the safe shutdown of equipment, and time for firefighting personnel to arrive.

New Passive Fire Protection from Thermal Ceramics

Fire Rated Duct Wrap is an ultra-lightweight blanket for fire-rated ducts that is at least 25% lighter than any other wrap currently available. It's a state-of-the-art material that offers  easy installation, cuts easily with less dust, makes ceilings look elegant and more.

Insulation Solutions for Acoustics by Armacell

The impact of noise from industrial facilities has significant effects on health and safety, and the reduction in noise levels is inherently beneficial for people and the environment. While it is common knowledge that various insulation materials are available to help with noise reduction, defining and solving the noise problem with practical insulation system solutions is not as easy or well understood.

Fire Barrier Solutions feat. 3M

New construction materials can be more prone to burning, making today’s building structures burn faster than ever, and building codes globally are changing faster than ever as well. For this webinar, Distribution International is proud to have our manufacturing partners from 3M present their expertise on passive fire protection disciplines, including: through penetrations, construction joints and protective wraps.

Thermo-1200 Calcium Silicate Insulation by Johns Manville

Our manufacturing partners at Johns Manville deliver a presentation about the past, present and future of JM’s Thermo-1200 as we discuss topics that matter to you and your customers business.