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DI Fit Aerogel Fittings Brochure

DI Fit™ Aerogel Fittings

As every installer knows, aerogel fittings can present installation challenges and require extended labor time. To overcome these challenges, the Distribution International fabrication team at has developed a patent-pending solution: DI Fit ™ Aerogel Fittings.

DI Fit Engineered Elbows Brochure

DI Fit™ Engineered Elbows

The fabrication team at Distribution International has developed a patent-pending solution to the challenges presented by mitered elbows. As every installer knows, these mitered elbows can present productivity and quality challenges.

DI Engineered Head Segments Brochure

Engineered Head Segments

Engineered head segments provide superior thermal performance for vessel heads while offering an efficient, cost effective solution. DI's fabrication facilities are equipped to manufacture the product for an exact fit to the curvature of any vessel-head surface.

Distribution International Fabrication Brochure


Distribution International's technicians have years of insulation fabrication expertise and unparalleled design support at DI facilities nationwide.

Distribution International HVAC Brochure


Distribution International is your source for a vast selection of HVAC heating and cooling products in commercial and industrial applications.

DI Insulation Brochure


Distribution International provides a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial insulation products and accessories. 

Distribution International Marine Insulation Brochure

Marine Insulation

Distribution International stocks thermal and acoustical products including hullboard and non-combustible fiberglass rolls, joiner products, and high-density sound barrier mats to maximize sound attenuation measures.

MIT Removable Insulation Blankets Brochure

MIT Removable Insulation Blankets

MIT specializes in design, specification, manufacture, and installation of removable/reusable insulation systems. In-house designers deliver custom engineer solutions for all your project needs. 

DI Railwrap Tank Car Insulation Brochure

Railwrap Tank Car Insulation

Distribution International's Railwrap division provides high temperature thermal insulation designed to withstand fire exposure as mandated by DOT regulations for tank cars. Whether a tank car is new, refurbished, or needs to be retrofitted, we supply the required insulation to meet project needs.

DI Safety Equipment Brochure

Safety Equipment

Distribution International provides top-of-the-line personal protective equipment for workers in any field, plus a full range of janitorial, material handling, lighting and other day-to-day supplies.