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  • Innovation to reduce labor and shipping costs and increase safety and quality

  • The fabrication team at Distribution International has developed a patent-pending solution to the challenges presented by mitered elbows. As every installer knows, these mitered elbows can present productivity and quality challenges.
  • The solution is engineered fabricated elbows that are much simpler to install in the field, reducing the labor needed to install the product and making it more ergonomic to transport and install.
  • Benefits of DI Engineered Fabricated Elbows
  • • Easier to install
  • • Approximately 50% less labor required to install
  • • Improved performance and quality
  • • Reduced damage from shipping
  • • Safer and more ergonomic
  • • Significantly fewer joints
  • • Designed with zero through joints: all joints are staggered with increased thermal performance
  • • Tiles are boxed, reducing shipping costs

patent pending


Reduced Damage in Transport

Engineered: Wider tiles are boxed and protected by bubble wrap, reducing damage during shipping. This also reduces the space needed on the truck, lowering shipping costs.

Engineered Elbows

Mitered: Narrow, large pieces are more fragile and likely to be damaged in transport. The mitered pieces are stacked on a pallet, creating friction.

Mitered Elbows