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Insulated industrial and commercial tank heads are a critical part of plant process performance. Properly insulating tank heads is critical to the successful installation of the structure. In the past, head insulation has been in-field fabricated using standard blocks of insulation, cutting them manually, and applying sealants to complete the installation. However, tank heads are complex curved structures that are very difficult to match in the field using manual techniques.


  • Fabrication Techniques: Distribution International has made significant investments in advanced CNC multi-axis milling machines that take the guess work out of fabricating tank head insulation. DI technicians take the exact measurements of your tank geometry, couple them with state-of-the-art 3D computer-aided drawing of the individual segments, and fabricate engineered head segments that exactly match your tank's complex geometry.
  • Exacting Standards: DI fabricates engineered head segments to fit the exact curvature of any vessel-head surface. Each section is contoured to provide fast onsite assembly for vessels, tanks, and equipment in various applications.
  • Ease of Installation: Each tank head is broken down into multiple courses and layers that cover the head in rings of insulation segments. Each individual segment in the course and layer are individually engraved with a number that corresponds to overall installation. An assembly drawing showing the numbering scheme accompanies each head to ensure that you can easily and successfully install the head in the field.
  • Reduced Labor Cost: Thanks to carefully designed processes and tooling, our segments are the largest in the industry. This allows you to install them in less time using less sealant, achieving the best insulated head in the fastest possible time.
  • Materials: Cryogel, Pyrogel, Foamglas, Mineral WoolPerlite, Polyiso.
  • Applications: Industrial, LNG plants, LPG plants, Petrochemical, and Commercial.