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At Distribution International, we know that insulation for a sanitary environment is a vital component to the construction and maintenance of food and beverage processing facilities. Proper insulation for food processing equipment is important for quality control, efficiency, energy conservation, and workplace safety. Based on your application need, we offer various types of high temperature insulation such as CalSil, Polyisocyanurate, and Perlite. We also carry Polystyrene for ammonia work and chilled water applications. Contact us today to get a competitive quote on your next project. 




Polystyrene insulation is a foam insulation used in commercial and residential applications. Polystyrene is rigid and can withstand a range of temperatures while providing excellent noise reduction. Polystyrene is waterproof, helping to manage energy and moisture issues that can compromise the performance of a structure. DI offers a wide range of Polystyrene insulation products that are guaranteed to meet your project needs for a sanitary environment.

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Foamglas is a lightweight material composed of closed glass cells. Foamglas is dimensionally stable, watertight, noncombustible, and has  high comprehensive strength. DI can fabricate Foamglas insulation in blocks, curved segments, elbows and other fittings based on application need. 

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If you are looking for insulation that can withstand high temperatures, Polyisocyanurate could be your solution. Polyisocyanurate is commonly used for hot gas applications. Polyisocyanurate (polyiso) is a closed-cell, rigid foam insulation. It offers a high R-value, continuous insulation, inherent fire resistance, and can be used over a larger temperature range (-100°F to 250°F). DI offers a variety of Polyiso insulation products that are guaranteed to meet your high temperature insulation needs.

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