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Pyrogel insulation is a flexible aerogel blanket insulation that is breathable, hydrophobic, and is resistant to extreme heat with max use temperatures up to 1202°F. This high temperature insulation comes in three different types: Pyrogel HPS, Pyrogel XTE, and Pyrogel XTF. Pyrogel HPS provides optimal thermal performance and is up to 75% thinner than competing insulation materials, making it ideal for installation in tight spaces. Pyrogel XTE is a highly effective high-temperature insulation used in the industrial market with its wide range of industrial applications from refineries and petrochemical to gas processing plants. Pyrogel XTF combines passive fire protection with thermal insulation for high-temperature applications. Distribution International supplies Pyrogel insulation products like blankets, elbows, heads, pipe coverings, and tape. Browse our selection via the categories below.