#4 ALUMINUM MULTI-FIT (15) ELBOW - Long Radius Aluminum Elbows


Long Radius

  • Manufacturer: Johns Manville
  • Brand: JM (Formerly Pabco/Childers)
  • DI Part #: ALEL049MFJ
  • Manufacturer Part #: EMF4

JM (Formerly Pabco/Childers) Multi-Fit Aluminum Elbow, Elbow Degree: 90 deg, Size: #4, Material: 1100 Aluminum, Finish: Smooth

Elbow Degree   : 90 deg

Finish   : Smooth

Fitting Type   : Long Radius

Item Name   : Aluminum Elbow

Material   : 1100 Aluminum

Size   : #4

Type/Style   : Multi-Fit

ITW Insulation Systems multi-fit aluminum elbow covers are made in two precision formed matching halves to cover and weatherproof insulated 90 deg pipe elbows. These elbow covers were formerly known as Childers Ribbed Univers-Ells. Each ITW multi-fit aluminum elbow cover is designed to fit over 90 deg insulation elbows with a specific outer diameter regardless of the pipe size, use of long or short radius pipe elbows, or insulation thickness. The thirteen sizes of ITW multi-fit aluminum elbow covers will fit 111 combinations of NPS and insulation thickness up to a nominal outer insulation diameter of 12-3/4 in. Like ITW aluminum jacketing, multi-fit aluminum elbow covers are a premier protective outer surface for mechanical insulation systems on pipe and are an excellent performing and critical accessory to complement the aluminum jacketing. ITW multi-fit aluminum elbow covers protect the insulation and underlying pipe from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water and reduce the labor necessary to install the metal jacketing system.

  • Manufactured from 0.024 in material

Standards/Certifications: ASTM B209|ASTM C1729 Class D Grade 3 Type III

  • pdf Installation Instructions https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/JM_IND_Metal_Jacketing_Install_Guide.pdf
  • pdf Size Chart https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/JM_IND_Elbow_Selection_Guide.pdf