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3/8" X 36" X 48" AEROCEL RUBBER SHEET (192)

Elastomeric Sheets

  • Manufacturer: Aeroflex USA
  • Brand: Aerocel
  • DI Part #: RUSH003E
  • Manufacturer Part #: M902-ACS3843 S2S

Aerocel Elastomeric Sheet, Insulation Thickness: 3/8 in, Material: Elastomeric, Length: 48 in, Width: 36 in, Application: For Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Public Buildings, Corrections Facilities, Clean Rooms/Processing, Temperature Rating: -297 to 220 deg F, Water Vapor Permeability: 0.03 perm-in, Water Vapor Sorption: 0 %, Flame Spread Index: 25, Smoke Developed Index: 50, Thermal Conductivity: 0.245 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Application   : For Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Public Buildings, Corrections Facilities, Clean Rooms/Processing

Flame Spread Index   : 25

Insulation Thickness   : 3/8 in

Item Name   : Elastomeric Sheet

Length   : 48 in

Material   : Elastomeric

Smoke Developed Index   : 50

Temperature Rating   : -297 to 220 deg F

Thermal Conductivity   : 0.245 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Water Vapor Permeability   : 0.03 perm-in

Water Vapor Sorption   : 0 %

Width   : 36 in

Aerocel EPDM elastomeric sheet insulation is a flexible closed-cell and light weight elastomeric material with a smooth and durable surface, designed for insulating air ducts internally and externally, air handling cabinets, air terminal devices, and more. With low moisture absorption and low water vapor transmission, Aerocel can be used both as an internal and external insulation for all kinds of ducting systems and air distribution system components, warm and cold. Ducts can be located indoors or outdoors and Aerocel will be unaffected.

  • Quiet operation
  • Energy saving
  • No moisture generated troubles
  • Eases compliance for IAQ needs
  • Accurate air delivery
  • Resists microbiological growth
  • Durable
  • Cleanable

Standards/Certifications: ASTM C1534 Type I|ASTM C534 Type II|ASTM G21|City of LA RR 8413|MIL l528OJ|New York City MEA 171-04M|NFPA 90A|NFPA 90B|UL 181 Section 12 Mold Growth/Humidity|UL 181 Section 17 Air Erosion

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