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Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth is composed of woven glass fibers giving this fabric high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and high heat and fire resistance. Fiberglass fabric insulation is a high temperature thermal insulator that will not burn and can withstand exposure to temperatures up to 1000°F. Fiberglass cloth insulation can be used to protect insulated equipment and pipes. It can be purchased as lagging cloth, rewettable cloth, or impregnated cloth. Lagging fiberglass cloth is a high-impact fiberglass fabric that is typically used to repair and cover thermal insulation on pipes. Rewettable fiberglass cloth is coated with a specially engineered adhesive and, when wet, can be molded into any shape and allowed to dry into the molded form. Impregnated fiberglass cloth is that which has been coated and injected with a solution. Distribution International supplies fiberglass fabric insulation in a variety of weights, widths, and lengths. Browse our selection below!

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