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  • Manufacturer: Plastic Coatings Corporation
  • Brand: Jaxsan Coatings
  • DI Part #: MAST6015WHP
  • Manufacturer Part #: 601

Jaxsan Coatings 600 Series Spray Grade Fiber Acrylic Coating, Size: 5 gal, Color: Bright White, Container Type: Pail, Form: Paste, Odor: Mild Ammonia with Mild Sweet, Composition: 38 to 41% Acrylic Emulsion, 31 to 33% Alumina Trihydrate, 12 to 14% Water, 5.5 to 8% Titanium Dioxide, 3 to 8% Calcium Carbonate, pH Rating: 7.5 to 8.5, Boiling Point: 212 deg F, Melting Point: 32 deg F, VOC: <=20 g/gal, Elongation: 250 %, Application Method: Spray

Application Method   : Spray

Boiling Point   : 212 deg F

Color   : Bright White

Composition   : 38 to 41% Acrylic Emulsion, 31 to 33% Alumina Trihydrate, 12 to 14% Water, 5.5 to 8% Titanium Dioxide, 3 to 8% Calcium Carbonate

Container Type   : Pail

Elongation   : 250 %

Form   : Paste

Item Name   : Fiber Acrylic Coating

Melting Point   : 32 deg F

Odor   : Mild Ammonia with Mild Sweet

Series/Model   : 600

Size   : 5 gal

Type/Style   : Spray Grade

VOC   : <=20 g/gal

pH Rating   : 7.5 to 8.5

Jaxsan 601 are water thinnable and environmentally safe coatings. These premium quality acrylic latex coatings are a perfect choice when it comes to protection and waterproofing of roofs and thermal insulation. Their carefully balanced blend of toughness and 250% elongation makes them ideal waterproofing for metal buildings. The fiber matrix in the Jaxsan 600 series coatings help the coatings to withstand foot traffic and seasonal weather change while exhibiting extraordinary impact and crack resistance features. As these coatings are elastomeric, they can move with a roof during the natural cycle of expansion and contraction easily. They are compatible with most types of roofing systems including all sheet goods. The Jaxsan 601 waterproofing system provides a completely seamless finish to your roof deck. Applied as a liquid, it conforms precisely to the deck, is able to caulk and seal seams, and dries to form one single layer of durable, elastomeric coating.

  • A brighter, more reflective white topcoat than Jaxsan 600, to reduce air conditioning demands
  • Same waterproofing, protection and outstanding adhesive properties as Jaxsan 600 coating on top of new or existing systems
  • For interior and exterior use
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