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  • Manufacturer: Vimasco Corporation
  • Brand: Vimasco
  • DI Part #: MASTWC71WHV
  • Manufacturer Part #: MASTWC71WHV

Vimasco Water Based PVA Weather Barrier Mastic, Size: 1 gal, Color: White, Temperature Rating: 40 to 120 deg F, Form: Paste, Odor: Mild Latex, Specific Gravity: 1.26, pH Rating: 8 to 9, Boiling Point: 212 to 216 deg F, VOC: 0 g/L, Viscosity: 75000 cPs Spray Grade, 1500000 cPs Trowel Grade, Elongation: 1500 %, Shelf Life: 18 months, Coverage: 13 sq-ft/gal, Dry Time: 2 hr, Application Method: Brush, Trowel, Spray

Application Method   : Brush, Trowel, Spray

Boiling Point   : 212 to 216 deg F

Color   : White

Coverage   : 13 sq-ft/gal

Dry Time   : 2 hr

Elongation   : 1500 %

Form   : Paste

Item Name   : PVA Weather Barrier Mastic

Odor   : Mild Latex

Shelf Life   : 18 months

Size   : 1 gal

Specific Gravity   : 1.26

Temperature Rating   : 40 to 120 deg F

Type/Style   : Water Based

VOC   : 0 g/L

Viscosity   : 75000 cPs Spray Grade, 1500000 cPs Trowel Grade

pH Rating   : 8 to 9

WC-7 is a heavy bodied, water based, vinyl acrylic, general purpose mastic, for use over all types of insulation systems, both interior and exterior. It can also be applied over masonry surfaces and a variety of other substrates. WC-7 is a breathing type mastic and is formulated to provide maximum weather protection at an economical price. WC-7 is suitable for application by brush, trowel, or spray (application method should be specified when ordering). Its normal recommended dry thickness for full scale outdoor protection is 1/16 in but it also provides excellent protection at thinner thicknesses. A minimum dry film thickness of 40 mil is recommended. When dry, it provides a tough, durable, flexible film which affords excellent protection from the elements, other sources of water and mechanical abuse at a wide range of temperatures. WC-7 should not be applied where it will be subjected to standing water or where the requirement is for a vapor barrier. WC-7 is resistant to fire, alkali, asphalts, salts and mild acids and solvents. When properly applied and maintained, it will provide years of service life in a variety of environments. In most applications, the recommended dried film thickness for WC-7 is 1/16 in. WC-7 must be protected from freezing during storage. After application, until thoroughly cured, it must be protected from precipitation, freezing, oil, grease and foot traffic. When used on insulating cement, WC-7 should not be applied until the cement has dried thoroughly.

Standards/Certifications: ASTM C461|ASTM D1475|ASTM D1640-69|OSHA 29 CFR 1910.12

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