20” X 3” (1.64) ROCKWOOL PROROX PS 980 PIPE COVERING Mineral Wool Insulation


Mineral Wool Pipe Covering

  • Manufacturer: Rockwool
  • Brand: Rockwool
  • DI Part #: MWPC20030HX
  • Manufacturer Part #: MWPC20030HX

Rockwool ProRox® PS 980 High Temperature Mineral Wool Pipe Cover, Iron Pipe Size: 20 in IPS, Insulation Thickness: 3 in, Material: Mineral Wool, Density: >=11.25 pcf, Application: For Steam and Process of Industrial Pipe Systems Work, Hot Service Applications, Temperature Rating: 1400 deg F, Water Vapor Sorption: <1 %, Flame Spread Index: 0, Smoke Developed Index: 0, Compressive Strength: 8 psi, Thermal Conductivity: 0.27 to 0.61 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Application   : For Steam and Process of Industrial Pipe Systems Work, Hot Service Applications

Compressive Strength   : 8 psi

Density   : >=11.25 pcf

Flame Spread Index   : 0

Insulation Thickness   : 3 in

Iron Pipe Size   : 20 in IPS

Item Name   : Mineral Wool Pipe Cover

Material   : Mineral Wool

Smoke Developed Index   : 0

Sub Brand   : ProRox PS 980

Temperature Rating   : 1400 deg F

Thermal Conductivity   : 0.27 to 0.61 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Type/Style   : High Temperature

Water Vapor Sorption   : <1 %

ProRoxPS 980 is a mandrel wound pipe section. The insulation sections are made out of stone wool and are produced with an innovative water repellent binder called WR-Tech to mitigate the risk of corrosion under insulation. ProRox PS 980 is engineered to deliver exceptional compressive strength without susceptibility of the breakage and the dust associated with calcium silicate for a cleaner, safer working environment. Made of stone wool, this proven, cost effective product is ideal for steam and process pipe systems operating at temperatures up to 1400 deg F where energy conservation, personal protection and fire control are concerns.

Standards/Certifications: ASTM C1104|ASTM C335|ASTM C356|ASTM C447|ASTM C547 Grade A for Type I II IV|ASTM C692|ASTM C795|ASTM C871|ASTM E84|CE Certified|CINI 2.2.03|EN13468|EN13472|EN14303|IMO 2010 FTPC|VDI 2055|VW 3.10.7

  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/MWPC00510HX_SS.pdf