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PVC End Caps

  • Manufacturer: PIC Plastics
  • Brand: PIC Plastics
  • DI Part #: PVFT030ENCHC
  • Manufacturer Part #: PVFT030ENCHC

PIC Plastics PVC End Cap without Insert, Size: 3.0, Item Thickness: .030 in, Material: PVC, Color: Specify Color, Application: For Industrial/Commercial Piping Systems, Special Features: Colored, Temperature Rating: -20 to 150 deg F, Elongation: 61 %, Tensile Strength: 6400 psi

Application   : For Industrial/Commercial Piping Systems

Color   : Specify Color

Elongation   : 61 %

Item Name   : PVC End Cap without Insert

Item Thickness   : .030 in

Material   : PVC

Size   : 3.0

Special Features   : Colored

Temperature Rating   : -20 to 150 deg F

Tensile Strength   : 6400 psi

Round caps are smooth and neat to match most any standard pipe/insulation dimensions. Half caps are designed with extra material for slitting the cap and resealing without the need for tabs, scribed with various centerlines to ease fabrication for simple reducers or pass through pipes. Reducing caps step down from one outside diameter to another. They can be used on most PIC elbows, tees, and mechanical grooved fittings. Price for reducing caps are determined by the larger outside diameter.Designed for indoor useIt is easy-to-installIt can be hermetically sealedResistance to chemicals, corrosion, rust, and accidental impact400000 psi flexural modulus11600 psi flexural strength370000 psi tensile modulusStandards/Certifications: ASTM D1784|Cell Class 16354|ASTM E84|FDA Approved|Military Specification LP-1035A Type II Grade GU|Military Specification LP-535E Type II Grade GU|New York City MEA 402-07M|USDA Compliant
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