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Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Various pipe, fitting and tank insulation material cannot withstand long-term exposure to the elements or are susceptible to job site damage over time. Metal jacketing is one of the industry’s best practices for remedying this issue and protecting the insulation investment and plant operating performance.


  • Distribution International offers superior quality aluminum and stainless steel metal jacketingalong with banding and fittings for use in a broad range of commercial or industrial applications.
  • Materials Available: DI can deliver Aluminum, T-304 and T-316 Stainless Steel in various thicknesses to suit your application needs and engineering requirements. These metals also come with the industry-available surface finishes, such as corrugated, stucco embossed and smooth.
  • Products Available: DI distributes or fabricates the following to meet your needs:
    • Pipe jacketing to match any sizing requirements. We can apply safety hem to the pipe jacketing should the job require it.
    • A wide variety of fittings that include but are not limited to 90- and 45-degree elbow covers, Tee Covers, Pittsburg Caps, End Caps, etc.
    • Tank or vessel heads.
    • Prefabricated banding straps to restrain the installed pipe jacketing. These straps come with factory installed wing seals.
    • Bulk supplies like sheet metal rolls, banding coils, wing seals, etc.
    • All the necessary screws and auxiliary items necessary to complete the job.
  • Applications: Pipe Insulation, Fitting Insulation, Tank Heads, Equipment insulation, Chilled Water Piping, Hot Oil and Asphalt Storage Tanks, LNG Plants, Industrial, Commercial, Petrochemical, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Steam Electric Power Plants, and Power Generation.