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Mineral wool is a highly fire-resistant product that is very effective for firestopping purposes. Industrial facilities often use mineral wool on extremely hot  equipment.


  • Mineral wool insulation is used to shield the workforce from these extreme temperatures. Mineral wool is also commonly called Rock Wool. It is made from basalt rock and steel slag with an organic binder. DI offers the top brands for this type of protection.
  • Overall Performance: Mineral wool is a superior insulation product to Fiberglass. It has a higher R-value per inch compared to fiberglass (~22-37% higher R-value). It has excellent fire resistance and is used in fire-barrier applications. It also is an excellent sound attenuator and is damage resistant.
  • Physical Characteristics: Fire resistant to temperatures above 1,800° F (1,000° C).
  • Temperature Range: The service temperature ranges from cryogenic [-297° F (-183° C)] to high heat industrial applications above 1,800°F (1,000°C).
  • Environmentally Safe: While some mineral wool is produced using formaldehyde, many companies are offering formaldehyde-free mineral wool.
  • Fabricated Products: Mineral wool products come in loose fill, boards, plain and faced pipe cover, and fittings.
  • Applications: Pipe Insulation, Fitting Insulation, equipment, acoustics, mechanical, fire protection, HVAC, Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Marine.