Removable Insulation Blankets

  • Manufacturer: No Sweat Valve Wraps
  • Brand: No Sweat Valve Wraps
  • DI Part #: PADSVW3C14N
  • Manufacturer Part #: 3C-14

No Sweat 3C Valve Wrap, Material: Fiberglass Blanket, Color: White, Facing Type: DuPont Tychem® QC, Length: 14 in, Special Features: Weatherable Grade, 3C, DuPont Tychem QC Cover, Temperature Rating: 0 to 450 deg F, Burst Strength: 65 psi, Flame Spread Index: <25, Smoke Developed Index: <50, Water Vapor Permeability: 0.01 perm-in

Burst Strength   : 65 psi

Color   : White

Facing Type   : DuPont Tychem® QC

Flame Spread Index   : <25

Item Name   : Valve Wrap

Length   : 14 in

Material   : Fiberglass Blanket

Smoke Developed Index   : <50

Special Features   : Weatherable Grade, 3C, DuPont Tychem QC Cover

Temperature Rating   : 0 to 450 deg F

Type/Style   : 3C

Water Vapor Permeability   : 0.01 perm-in

No Sweat valve wraps are a patented flexible insulation system designed for use with pipe insulation products. The No Sweat removable and reusable wraps are used over an insulated valve with a reusable design to provide an ongoing protective covering to the insulated valve. The No Sweat valve wrap comes packaged with a 1 in thick fiberglass blanket insert that is used to completely cover the insulated valve. The outer cover of the No Sweat wrap is made of DuPont Tychem qc that easily stretches around the insulated valve and is secured with a velcro closure. Tychem qc consists of a durable Tyvek substrate quality coated with polyethylene. Rugged and durable, Tychem qc is a tough barrier fabric that resists punctures and tears. Tychem qc remains flexible even in cold conditions compared to other fabrics based on measurements over a wide range of temperatures. Tychem QC is impermeable to water.

  • Installs 10 times faster than traditional methods
  • Can be removed and reused after installation
  • Flexible and compressible can be used where oversizing of insulation is impossible
  • Covers a multitude of valves including autoflow, ball valves, strainers, circuit setters
  • Matches ASJ and PVC jacket
  • Efficiently sized in eight diameters to fit 1/2 through 6 in pipe sizes
  • Non-combustible and impermeable to water
  • Prevents condensation and combats mildew and mold

Standards/Certifications: ASTM D1777-75|ASTM D3786-87|ASTM E136|ASTM E96

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