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  • Manufacturer: Magnolia Brush Manufacturers
  • Brand: Magnolia Brush
  • DI Part #: TOOL3033
  • Manufacturer Part #: 3033

Magnolia Vehicle Wash Brush, Material: Plastic, Color: Green, Length: 10 in, Special Features: Nylon Trim, Trim Length: 2-1/2 in, Handle Type: TA or TH

Color   : Green

Handle Type   : TA or TH

Item Name   : Vehicle Wash Brush

Length   : 10 in

Material   : Plastic

Special Features   : Nylon Trim

Trim Length   : 2-1/2 in

Filling material is staple set in foam plastic block with protective bumper. The 10 in blocks have one threaded flo-thru and one tapered handle hole. Although these high-quality brushes are recommended for use on all types of vehicles.