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Due to its non-corrosive properties and resistance to moisture, perlite pipe insulation protects pipes and equipment while providing excellent insulation.


  • Overall Performance: Perlite is a good sound dampener and provides light weight, excellent thermal insulating capabilities for everything from cryogenic to high temperature industrial applications. At high temperatures Perlite is extremely resistant to water absorption.
  • Physical Characteristics: Perlite is also called Vermiculite insulation. It is a type of rock (volcanic glass) that is mined, crushed, heated and then expanded (4x to 20x original volume) to form an excellent inorganic insulating material. The typical density is 2 to 15 pounds per cubic foot, so it is an efficient lightweight insulation product. It does not support flame spread or smoke development.
  • Temperature Range: The service temperature ranges from cryogenic [-450° F (268C)] to furnace applications reaching 1800° F (980°C).
  • Environmentally Safe & Friendly: Perlite is asbestos free, resistant to mold, rot, and rodents, all natural, low toxicity, chemically inert, and poses no known health risks.
  • Fabricated Products: DI delivers perlite in blocks, curved segments, pipe coverings, and fittings in various sizes and thicknesses to meet your job site needs.
  • Reduced Labor Cost: DI fabricated products eliminate in-field fabrication time and cost, allowing you to focus on installation.
  • Applications: Pipe Insulation, Fitting Insulation, Tank heads, cryogenics, LNG, LPG, Chemical, Food, Refractory Bricks, Petrochemical, Steel Mills and Foundries, Cement Plants, Boilers and Industrial Furnaces.