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Removable insulation blankets are made from multiple layers of thermal insulation materials and are combined into one unit. They are fastened onto valves, exhaust manifolds, and other mechanical items that need repeat access in order to maximize efficiency, regulate temperature, and improve workplace safety. MIT is a division within Distribution International that specializes in design, specification, and manufacturing of removable/reusable insulation systems. DI ranks among the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturers of specialty reusable insulation products. Our technicians use modern design principles to develop the design of each removable insulation blanket according to its intended. The reusable design allows for quick repairs without dismantling or destroying other components, cutting maintenance costs over the life of the insulation system. Our MIT team of in-house designers can create customized solutions for your project needs.


Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

Energy Conservation

In most installations, heat loss is reduced by 90%, meaning a fast payback for the investment in removable insulation blankets

Freeze Protection

In areas where freeze protection is required, our removable insulation blankets (used either alone or in conjunction with steam or electric heaters), provide the protection needed to prevent frozen lines, even in the most severe weather.

Personnel Protection

Removable insulation blankets can reduce the surface temperature of equipment to levels that are needed for a safe working environment.

Labor Savings

Our removable covers can be installed or removed by one person in minutes. This is a fraction of the time required for installing or stripping away other forms of insulation.

Sound Attenuation

Depending on style of cover, materials used and the operating conditions, removable insulation blankets provide noise reduction of 20 decibels.


Fireproofing wrap systems offer a lightweight design without loss of thermal properties. Applications include electrical component fire protection.




MIT Designs and Fabricates Removable Insulation Blankets for Various Applications:

Dura-Temp Blankets are precisely designed to fit any shape and size equipment where high operating temperatures are present and rugged durability are required. Exhaust systems, steam electrical generating turbines and many other types of equipment in this category will benefit from the installation of Dura-Temp Blankets


  • Low replacement cost due to reusability and long material life
  • Designed with stainless steel "hogring" staples to secure all seams which makes the task of field modification or field construction of covers a quick and easy process 
  • Conform to odd-shaped equipment, conserve energy, require no specially trained maintenance personnel to install, and provide added plant flexibility since they are reusable

Heat Holder Blankets are removable blankets for lower temperature applications such as instrumentation, water piping, heat retention, personnel protection, etc. 


  • Prevent subfreezing temperatures from affecting an indoor or outdoor component or pipe
  • Designed for easy installation, quick removal and simple reinstallation without the use of tools so that maintenance time and cost is kept to a minimum
  • Reduce heat loss providing a more comfortable working environment 

UniPad™ Blankets are made of the highest quality components to ensure the protection of your valve actuators, cable trays, electrical conduit and overall business investments.


  • Meets or exceeds UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test duration
  • Blocks the flame path and reduces heat flow
  • Can be designed to fit multiple components, i.e., actuators and valves
  • Requires no added material and minimal tools for installation
  • Weatherproof, chemical and UV resistant

High Temperature Acoustical HTA are used to quiet noisy components that are disruptive or dangerous based on OSHA decibel exposure guidance.