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Calcium Silicate (sometimes referred to as "CalSil") is used to insulate high-temperature pipes, equipment, and fire endurance applications.


  • Overall Performance: Calsil offers high-temperature structural integrity, high compressive strength, and corrosion inhibition.
  • Physical Characteristics: Calsil is inorganic, non-combustible, non-asbestos, and inhibits corrosion under insulation (CUI) on both stainless and carbon steel. Calcium silicate pipe and block insulation meets or exceeds the physical property requirements of ASTM C533, Type I.
  • Temperature Range: Calcium silicate can handle temperatures typically ranging 250°F to 1,200°F/650°C (Type I, for pipe and block) or 1,700°F/927°C (Type II, fire endurance boards).
  • Environmentally Safe & Friendly: Calsil is asbestos-free and landfill disposable.
  • Damage Tolerant: Calcium silicate has superior resistance to breakage and physical abuse.
  • Fabricated Products: Calcium silicate can be delivered in block, standard pipe cover, curved segments, fittings, and tank heads in sizes to match your job requirements. DI fabricates pipe cover to comply with ASTM C585 and fittings to ASTM C450. Utilizing the best-in-industry manufacturing techniques, DI ensures products are fabricated to exact standards, delivering products that fit the first time, every time.
  • Reduced Labor Cost: DI fabricated products eliminate in-field fabrication time and cost, allowing you to focus on installation.
  • Applications: Pipe Insulation, Fitting Insulation, Equipment Insulation, Industrial, Commercial, Petrochemical, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Steam Electric Power Plants, and Power Generation.