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Elastomeric and Polyethylene

Elastomeric insulation is a closed-cell foam insulation that provides moisture resistance and steady, long-term thermal performance. Closed cell elastomeric foam has strong water vapor permeability, eliminating the need for a vapor barrier to prevent moisture transfer. Its closed-cell structure prevents moisture wicking, attenuates HVAC noise, and dampens mechanical vibrations. Elastomeric foam is commonly used as pipe insulation and is available in a wide range of shapes and thicknesses. Polyethylene insulation is a closed-cell, lightweight, thermoplastic insulation. Its high dielectric strength and very low electric conductivity make it an excellent insulator. Elastomeric and polyethylene insulation can both be used in industrial and mechanical applications. Distribution International supplies products from all major manufacturers including Aeroflex, Armacell, and K-Flex. View our selection below!