58” X 145' 10mm CRYOGEL 10201Z WITH FOIL (ROLL LENGTH WILL VARY) - Cryogel Blankets


Cryogel Blankets

  • Manufacturer: Aspen Aerogels Inc.
  • Brand: Aspen Aerogels
  • DI Part #: CYBT10GA
  • Manufacturer Part #: F100275

Aspen Aerogels Cryogel Blanket, Item Thickness: 10 mm, Material: Cryogel® 10201Z with Foil Laminated, Facing Type: Aluminum Foil, Length: 145 ft, Width: 58 in, Application: For Cold Service Applications, Special Features: 2-Sided, Temperature Rating: 257 deg F, Thermal Conductivity: 0.0681 to 0.1637 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Application   : For Cold Service Applications

Facing Type   : Aluminum Foil

Item Name   : Cryogel Blanket

Item Thickness   : 10 mm

Length   : 145 ft

Material   : Cryogel® 10201Z with Foil Laminated

Special Features   : 2-Sided

Temperature Rating   : 257 deg F

Thermal Conductivity   : 0.0681 to 0.1637 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Width   : 58 in

Cryogel 10201Z is flexible aerogel blanket insulation with an integral vapor barrier. It is engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness and zero water vapor permeability. Cryogel's unique properties - extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, compression resistance, hydrophobicity, and ease of use - make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection for cryogenic applications. Using patented nanotechnology, Cryogel insulation combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver industry leading thermal performance in an easy-to handle and environmentally safe product. Cryogel's extremely low thermal conductivity reduces heat gain and liquid boil-off, its minimal weight and thickness help maximize tanker storage capacity, and its hydrophobic nature makes it resistant to condensate formation.

  • Superior thermal performance - 2 to 8 times better than competing insulation products
  • Reduced thickness and profile - equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness
  • Less time and labor to install - easily cut and conformed to complex shapes, tight curvatures, and spaces with restricted access
  • Zero permeability due to integral vapor barrier - provides several levels of moisture protection in easy-to-install package
  • Physically robust - soft and flexible but with excellent springback, Cryogel recovers its thermal performance even after compression events as high as 250 psi
  • Shipping and warehousing savings - reduced material volume, high packing density, and low scrap rates can reduce logistics costs by a factor of five or more compared to rigid, preformed insulations
  • Eliminates contraction joints - because it remains flexible even at cryogenic temperatures, cryogel eliminates the contraction joints used to prevent compressive failure in other insulation materials
  • Environmentally safe - landfill disposable, shot-free, with no respirable fiber content

Standards/Certifications: ASTM C1101|ASTM C1104|ASTM C1511|ASTM C165|ASTM C795|ASTM E228|ASTM E84|ASTM E96

  • pdf SDS https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/CYBT10G2F_SDS.pdf
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/CYBT05HA_SS.pdf