23” X 100' POLYGUARD I-30-SJ-NG WITH SCRIM - Insulation Accessories


Vapor Barrier Membranes

  • Manufacturer: Polyguard Products
  • Brand: Polyguard
  • DI Part #: PITTI3021SPG
  • Manufacturer Part #: I30SJNG23

Polyguard Insulrap™ 30-SJ NG Jacketing, Item Thickness: 30 mil, Color: White, Vapor Barrier: Yes, Length: 100 ft, Width: 23 in, Application: For Insulated Piping in Ammonia Refrigeration, Oil and Gas, LNG, Cryogenic and Chemical Processing Applications, Temperature Rating: 160 deg F, Water Vapor Permeability: 0 perm-in

Application   : For Insulated Piping in Ammonia Refrigeration, Oil and Gas, LNG, Cryogenic and Chemical Processing Applications

Color   : White

Item Name   : Jacketing

Item Thickness   : 30 mil

Length   : 100 ft

Sub Brand   : Insulrap 30-SJ NG

Temperature Rating   : 160 deg F

Vapor Barrier   : Yes

Water Vapor Permeability   : 0 perm-in

Width   : 23 in

Insulrap 30-SJ-NG is the next generation of self-healing vapor barrier membranes used on insulated piping in ammonia refrigeration, oil and gas, LNG, cryogenic and chemical processing applications. Insulrap 30-SJ-NG is a composite membrane consisting of a tough polymer or foil laminate film coated with a layer of rubberized asphalt specially formulated for this application. Fiberglass scrim is embedded in the laminate using a process that minimizes the scrim profile allowing for a smooth surface that enhances adhesion at the laps. I-30-SJNG is considered peel and stick and self-healing and uses a disposable silicone coated release liner.

  • True zero perm performance
  • Used on millions of square feet of insulated pipe for over 20 years with excellent success
  • Self-healing rubberized bituminous membrane seals punctures, self-sealing laps
  • Uniform factory controlled thickness of 30 mil
  • Saves labor and materials compared to mastic/fab/mastic coatings
  • Superior elastomeric properties accommodate expansion and contraction of the substrate
  • White color for improved reflectivity in the field prior to jacketing
  • Embedded low profile scrim reinforcement for extra strength, durability and enhanced lap adhesion

Standards/Certifications: ASTM E96|LEED Certified|GHS Certified

  • pdfSDS https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/PITTI3031PG_SDS.pdf
  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://www.distributioninternational.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/PITTI3031SPG_SS.pdf