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Air Monitoring Equipment

  • Manufacturer: Sensidyne LP
  • Brand: Sensidyne
  • DI Part #: AIRMBDXII
  • Manufacturer Part #: BDX II

Sensidyne Gilian Personal Air Sampling Pump, Detection Range: 500 to 3000 cc/min

Detection Range   : 500 to 3000 cc/min

Item Name   : Personal Air Sampling Pump

Sub Brand   : Gilian

The Gilian BDX-II is an economical air sampling pump designed specifically for abatement and lead applications. It is a compact and rugged air sampling pump optimized for sample methods between 500 cc/min and 3000 cc/min. The BDX-II is powered by a rechargeable NiCd battery that provides up to 10 hr of operation on a single charge. This lead and asbestos air sampler combines no frills with low cost. Rugged construction withstands the toughest environments. Meets NIOSH 7400 for asbestos and 7082, 7105, and 7300 for lead.

  • 0.5 to 3 Lpm flow rate

Standards/Certifications: NIOSH Approved