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Mineral Wool Board

  • Manufacturer: Johns Manville
  • Brand: JM
  • DI Part #: MWBD44024I
  • Manufacturer Part #: 90018949

JM MinWool-1200® Mineral Wool Board, Insulation Thickness: 4 in, Material: Mineral Wool, Length: 48 in, Width: 24 in, Density: 4 pcf, Application: For Excellent Performance in High Temperature Thermal Control and Fire Resistance, Industrial, Hot Service Applications, Special Features: High-Temperature, Temperature Rating: 1200 deg F, Water Vapor Sorption: <1% by Weight, <0.02% By Volume, Flame Spread Index: 25 Faced, 5 Unfaced, Smoke Developed Index: <5 Faced, <0 Unfaced, Thermal Conductivity: 0.21 to 0.59 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Application   : For Excellent Performance in High Temperature Thermal Control and Fire Resistance, Industrial, Hot Service Applications

Density   : 4 pcf

Flame Spread Index   : 25 Faced, 5 Unfaced

Insulation Thickness   : 4 in

Item Name   : Mineral Wool Board

Length   : 48 in

Material   : Mineral Wool

Smoke Developed Index   : <5 Faced, <0 Unfaced

Special Features   : High-Temperature

Sub Brand   : MinWool-1200

Temperature Rating   : 1200 deg F

Thermal Conductivity   : 0.21 to 0.59 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F

Water Vapor Sorption   : <1% by Weight, <0.02% By Volume

Width   : 24 in

MinWool-1200 industrial board insulation is made from basalt, a volcanic rock, and bound with a thermosetting resin. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures that our mineral wool products have consistent product quality with high fiber density and low shot content, for excellent performance in thermal control and fire resistance applications.

  • Thermal performance - good thermal conductivity values help minimize and control heat loss, contributing to reduced operating costs and greater energy savings
  • Lightweight, low dust - easy-to-handle and fabricate, these boards are easy-to-cut with a knife
  • Clean handling properties help reduce irritation and minimize job clean up time and expense
  • Low smoke and flame spread - when tested in accordance with ASTM E84, UL 723, CAN/ULC S102, these unfaced insulation boards have a flame spread rating of 5 and a smoke developed rating of 0, the faced insulation has a flame spread rating of 25 and a smoke developed rating of 5
  • Non-combustible - MinWool-1200 industrial board is rated as non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E136 and CAN4-S114-M
  • Mold resistant - MinWool-1200 industrial board does not support growth of fungi

Standards/Certifications: ASTM C1104|ASTM C1335|ASTM C1338|ASTM C356|ASTM C447|ASTM C612|ASTM C665|ASTM C692|ASTM C795|ASTM C871|ASTM E136|ASTM E84|CAN/ULC S102|CAN4-S114-M|UL 723

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